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Do you want your private equity firm to become a member of the BVK?
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Eva A. Helmes, LL.M  (UWC)

Head of Business Development and Finance
030 / 30 69 82-18      helmes@bvkap.de

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VC Fonds Berlin GmbH
10719 Berlin Details
Vecturis Equity GmbH
80802 Munich Details
Vendis Capital Management BVBA
1831 Diegem (Brüssel) Details
Venionaire Investment GmbH
1010 Wien Details
venturecapital.de VC GmbH & Co. KGaA
60596 Frankfurt a.M. Details
Verband Deutscher Bürgschaftsbanken e.V. (VDB)
10117 Berlin Details
Verdane Advisors GmbH
10178 Berlin Details
VR Equitypartner GmbH
60265 Frankfurt Details