The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK) is the voice and face of the private equity sector in Germany.

  • We campaign for improvements to the fiscal environment and easier access to private equity so that even more companies in Germany can benefit from private equity.
  • We take a stand on policy issues and the media in an effort to underline just how important private equity is for the German economy.
  • We monitor the market and analyse its trends because private equity is a growth engine for innovation, start-ups and SMEs.
  • We encourage our members to share their experiences with each other to help the private equity sector in Germany grow closer together.

BVK News

Neuer BVK-Vorstand

Der Eigenkapitaltag liegt ein paar Tage zurück - Aber vor unserem neuen BVK-Vorstand liegen spannende Zeiten.
Wir freuen uns unseren neuen BVK-Vorstand offiziell vorstellen zu dürfen!

Ulrike Hinrichs  | Frank Hüther | Patricia Volhard | Kaspar Hartmann | Dr. Frédéric du Bois-Reymond | Juliane Hahn | Ingo Krocke | Dirk Wittneben | Holger Zervas | Markus Solibieda | Britta Lindhorst | Ralf Kratzenberg | Harald Rehberg

Die jeweiligen Vorstände repräsentieren die im BVK vereinten Mitglieder-Kategorien: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Assoziierte Mitglieder (Kanzleien & Beratungen) sowie die Primärinvestoren (LPs).


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BVK Expertentalk - Louise Hertz, Fund Associate ORBIT

BVK Expertentalk - Louise Hertz, Fund Associate ORBIT

Louise Hertz ist Fund Associate bei ORBIT - Der Schwerpunkt liegt bei ihr im Bereich ESG und Impact Investing. Orbit bietet Rechtsberatung für Fonds-Manager und Investoren - LPs und GPs. Louise Hertz ist im GP Team.

01 Jun 2023

01.06.2023 - 08:30 bis 19:00

Wien, Österreich

05 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

05.06.2023 - 09:00 bis 07.06.2023 - 16:45


05 Jun 2023

05.06.2023 - 18:00 bis 23:00

06 Jun 2023

06.06.2023 - 07:00 bis 23:00


Events like (the BVK’s) German Private Equity Day provide the opportunity for participants to network, share ideas and experiences, find out about the issues concerning others in the industry and seize inspiration.

Dr. Volker Wissing MdB

Minister for Digital Affairs & Transport at the 23rd German Equity Day of the BVK

The state is reaching the limits of what it is fiscally able to do – making it all the more important to mobilise private equity to enact transformational change.

Christian Lindner

Minister of Finance in an interview with the BVK

We will not (be able to) save the environment unless the capital and finance markets play a key role. And for the investments required, we need the best capital markets. That includes optimum conditions for venture capital and private equity.

Bettina Stark-Watzinger

Minister of Education and Research in her keynote speech

SMEs with their entrepreneurs are the engine that drives technological progress and the growth of the entire national economy. And private equity is a sustainable fuel for this engine.

Frank Hüther

Spokesman of the BVK Board, Managing Director Abacus alpha